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We are so grateful to be receiving a great number of new students to all our classes, present and on their mats because they understand that Yoga will make you feel better, no exceptions!

You may need to find the style or teacher that suits you and your situation, but once you do, yoga has the capacity to change your life for the better. Perhaps if you start with an advanced class while being a beginner you might end up feeling more frustrated, but pick a suitable class for your level and go in with an open mind and you will feel different, better, more open, present and happier. Our general classes suit all levels from beginner to advanced but remember that many poses can be taken deeper once the basics are learnt. Our teachers will always ask that you listen to your body and your breath and ease into postures slowly and gently, trusting that you will never push yourself too far. 

Yoga makes your body strong, supple and healthy ……you need to give it a chance but most people start feeling a lot of the physical benefits of yoga during their first class. Your flexibility will increase, your fitness levels improve, your muscles will grow stronger and become more supple. The amount will vary depending on the style you choose, we recommend starting with Hatha Yoga as this is the root of most styles of yoga. As your body gets stronger your mind will too. You will feel more self-confident and stronger in yourself.

Yoga helps you quieten your mind, makes you feel calm…. After a yoga class you most often find your state of mind has shifted, like a mental spring clean. Some things have fallen into place, some things are just not there anymore, or sometimes you have a completely different perspective. Overall you may find yourself in a much quieter place and find it easier to direct your energy to where you want it to go. In yoga they say you develop one-pointedness concentration through practice, training the mind to become aware and present.

Yoga helps you to accept whatever life brings to your table……Life experiences are not always positive. Difficult things happen to us all and sometimes we will be in pain. Yoga teaches us that both the positive and the painful things in life come and go. Knowing this and understanding this on a deeper level makes it easier to accept and stay present and positive, also through the hard times.

Yoga can help us to make better choices…. Becoming healthier and experiencing all the benefits of yoga will make you more aware and able to choose things in life that support this positive journey. You will slowly become more aware how things influence you. You may naturally want to make changes to your diet, choosing foods which support your health and yoga practice. You may see this in your friendship groups too, spending more time with friends who have a positive influence, having more strength to move away from negative situations.

You will become more aware of everything, who you really are, your tendencies, life, what is good for you and not so good for you, what you really want and what is important to you.
So if you haven’t started yoga yet, let us help you!


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