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If we look at the natural unfolding of each day, it begins with the sun rising; continuing through out the morning to reach it’s zenith. Then it begins the descent back into the darkness from which it came. Everyday we are being given the opportunity to be rise up from the form of yesterday, ascend to a greater height and then dissolve back into the quiet deep place within ourselves.

For quite a while now I have been following this constant ebb and flow of energy and when coupled with my asana practice I find that not only do I have a greater sense of connectivity to myself but also all that is around me. I become energetically interlaced in my surroundings as well as becoming and interchangable part of it. I find myself woven into the very fabric of life and although by practicing yoga it doesn’t stop confronting, negative and difficult situations from happening to me, it gives me a greater ability to adapt and work through them.

This practice that I am offering on a Thursday night goes hand in hand with unwinding yourself from your zenith to land softly back into the very centre of your being before merging backing into the vast infinite space we know as sleep. Rather than being an energised practice that I offer on a Saturday morning, this is more of a moon practice. The moon’s energy is feminine, water and without solid form. She is still and has a luminous glow that we want to align with to draw forth from within us.

Focusing on gentle, slow movements and allowing the waves of our breath to carriy us through the practice, we’ll float and descend into a deeper state of relaxation. This may include kirtan and music to assist us in guiding us back ‘home’ to ourselves. This class will be open to all levels, ages with the main aspect being to nuture yourself.

I hope to share this practice with you soon.

Alana Grainger


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