Autumn Meditation

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moving from…………….
Sun to Moon
Light to Dark
Yang to Yin
Outer Achievements to Inner Reflection
Action to Contemplation
Fire to Water
Growth to Dormancy and Incubation
Fruitfulness to Composting
Building up to Letting go
Movement to Stillness
To calm, steady and focus the mind try the ‘Placing Your Thoughts on a Leaf ‘meditation.
To begin with follow your natural breath and be aware of the gentle rise and fall of the lower abdomen with each in and out breath.
Now bring your awareness to any and all thoughts that arise in your mind. Just notice any thoughts that come in to your mind.
Some people find it useful to place each thought on a leaf and watch it flow by on a stream. Any thoughts that come in to your mind can be observed, one after another, and let go of them by placing each thought on a leaf and watching it float by.
This exercise meditation has been adapted from “The Mindful Way Through Anxiety”, Orsillo and Roemer


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