Chanting Workshop 28 April

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Chanting Workshop 28 April

We are delighted to announce another exciting event we are hosting at the studio with the very well respected Tracy Uber Cook. Its her second time with us and we have had fantastic feedback from the attendees of that event in Oct.

We encourage you to experience the purifying benefits for both body and mind that chanting gives, this workshop will open the door to another tool of yoga for health and healing.

When chanting Vedic mantras we experience:

  • Protection of the body and mind. The vibrations of the sound remove impurities of the body and calm the mind.
  • The abdomen in a state of contraction and the process of exhalation enhances the elimination and reduction of impurities from our system. This helps the body become light and free.
  • Improved power of memory and ability to concentrate
  • One of the best forms of meditation

Tracy will run the morning with explanation about Bhakti yoga, mantra, different types of mantra and how they are used. The significance of OM and how to chant mantras. An introduction to kirtan and practice and mediation.

The session is open to all  and we have extended this invitation to everyone on our database first.

Text or email Lesley if you’d like to reserve a place.

Cost is $45 and prepayment needed.

If anyone is able to play guitar or harmonium and is willing to accompany Tracey for a few bhajans, she would be most appreciative.  Please bring along a rattle, shaker or light percussion if you want to play along!

Love and gratitude for your support of our yoga studio

Port Douglas Yoga Teachers x


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