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We are very pleased and happy to let you all know that as from Saturday November 5th, Noeline Clarke, originally from Belfast and now based in Port, will be joining us at Port Douglas Yoga Studio.

Combining her knowledge as a Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher, and her skills as a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, Noeline offers a safe, dynamic yoga practice to all students who wish to explore their body and mind to a deeper level – to a state of deep relaxation.

In Noeline’s own words…..

I first discovered yoga 10 years ago and totally fell in love with the practice knowing instantly that it would be a big part of my life and the medicine my ailing body needed.  I found that the more mindful I was becoming through the breathing techniques and deep stretching, the quicker my body was healing, I couldn’t believe it!

I therefore practiced every day, the best I could, and while traveling through many countries and trying many different styles, I found that a combination of several classic and modern styles inspired me to create my own Vinyasa Flow practice.

Vinyasa Flow merges old traditions with the needs of the modern yoga practitioner. It is dynamic and links the movement with breath, which after a comprehensive warm-up, involves holding poses for shorter counts which in our modern world works so well due to high stresses. More heat is also created in the body and gradually prepares you safely for stronger more challenging poses, with the practice ending in a long, restorative relaxation.

I love teaching as I care so much for the practice, the human body and how being aware and in tune to what your body and mind is asking for results in a lighter way of living. I aim to guide students to feel more aligned and in tune with themselves, to live a happier and freer life…through movement (asanas), breath (pranayama) and meditation.

Please join me for my Saturday morning 9.15am class which will commence November 5th



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