Sa Ta Na Ma

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When you chant Sa Ta Na Ma, the upper palate is struck and vibrational energy is relayed to the hypothalamus. The effect of the movement of the tongue, coupled with the sound waves resonating in the brain, stimulates the hypothalamus to secrete all the necessary hormones, neurotransmitters and peptides that can speak the brain’s own language. Basically, your internal body systems have a dialogue with themselves, which causes them spontaneously to begin to ‘right’ whatever is wrong within your internal make up.
Shakta Kaur Khalsa

Try the following yourself and see what you experience;

While chanting also employ the hand gestures, Sa thumb and first finger of both hands are pressed together, Ta middle finger and thumbs, Na ring fingers and thumbs, Ma little fingers and thumbs. Rest the back of your hands on your knees with the arms relaxed, elbows soft.

1. chanting Sa Ta Na Ma out loud for 3 mins
2. whispering Sa Ta Na Ma for 3 mins
3. silent internal chant for 3 mins

Finish with a few moments of stillness using your inner awareness to experience whatever you can.

The Divine spark within me honours the Divine spark within you


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