School Holiday Reflections and Timetable changes

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In a world where we are constantly on the move, where we are seeking instant gratification for all our worldly pleasures, pursuits and passions, yoga gives us a beautiful opportunity to bring ourselves back to centre. It can seem that during times when we are drawn into the frenzied crazy pace of holidays, that we neglect ourselves. This is the most important time to come back to our practice and put into place all we have learnt on the mat. During this period we all seem to lack ‘time’ but yoga does not take time, it gives time. It presents us with a space where we can bring our awareness back into the present moment.

There are numerous times through out the day when I close my eyes and come back ‘down’ into myself. To once more draw energy up from the infinite pool that resides deep within my soul. It is usually at times when I begin to feel overwhelmed by a situation or perhaps I just need a moment of solitude. It’s so grounding and comforting to ‘close the curtains’ and take a few long, calm, deep breaths. When brightness and the hum of life return to my vision, it’s amazing to witness how the world has been reformed again anew. There is always a touch more clarity that has sprung up from my inner fountain of knowledge. To ‘yoga’ during the holidays, can be as easy as to close our eyes, focus on our breath and tap into the peace and harmony of the flowing current that lies just below our surface.

Timetable changes: As of this Wednesday 1st October, there will no longer be yoga with Devra from 6-7.30pm. I, Alana, will be absent this Thursday 2nd October so my 9.15-10.45am class and 17.30-19.00pm class will not be held but I will return to teach on Saturday 4th October for my 9.15-10.45am class.

In gratitude and service always.

Namaste, Alana


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