Silky Oaks Yoga Day

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Thank you, thank you, thank you to our wonderful yoga friends for joining us in another beautiful day of Yoga at Silky Oaks.
Yet again we were treated to a superb venue and lunch by Barbara Van Min and her incredible staff so great thanks to them.

Shirley, Tricia, Lesley, Noeline, Schell and Devra are, as ever, very grateful for your ongoing support and dedication and feel very blessed to know you all.

Here is a photo of our lovely Shirley with her orchestra of Singing Bowls as she concludes the day with a very special Chakra relaxation.
As one of our dear yogis wrote afterwards….
“Some days in life are “Golden” and yesterday was one of them. I left with a Happy Heart …… and Happy Ears too with the divine sounds of the Bells and Bowls.

Until we meet again dear friends may we all experience love, joy, wonder and wisdom.
Maha Shanti.


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