Silky Oaks yoga day was a success

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nataraja-travelling-in-styleWe, Shirley, Lesley, Schell, Mia and Devra would  like to say that we  are so grateful for the wonderful time and space we shared with you all at Silky Oaks.

Thanks to you all for your presence on a beautiful day in the wonderful Silky Oaks treehouse and allowing us to once again share lots of fun and laughter and just a small selection of practices from the vast array of traditional Hatha Yoga teachings.

Wonderful presentations by Shirley Lloyds on Yoga Symbols and Barbara Malarski on Traditional Chinese Healing techniques were for many of us the icing on the cake, so thank you both for sharing your experiences with us.

Thank you also to Barbara Van Min and her wonderfully efficient and friendly crew at Silky Oaks for helping to make the day possible and for a very delicious lunch.

The occasion was a joyful union of 55 like-minded souls from within our unique Port Douglas and surrounds Yoga community, which consists of hundreds of yogis,  relaxing in friendship, in harmony, in union,  in yoga.

We are truly blessed and can’t wait to do it all again next year, looked over and after by Nataraj, travelling there and back in style again no doubt!

Shanti, shanti, shanti


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