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There is often added pressure at Christmas, especially for mothers, wives, grandmothers… who are the usual organisers of the big day of celebrations on the 25th December. It is important to make time for yourself away from the ‘ to do lists’ during the build up to the festive season.

Taking care to nurture and care for ourselves goes a long way to being able to nurture and care for others. Find a quiet place everyday and draw the attention inwards using the breath to quieten the mind. We have been practicing the counting breath in class which is a simple and very effective method of letting the mind chatter quieten and bringing oneself into the moment.

Simply count each breath from 50 down  to 20 ,each exhalation and inhalation,  then only count the exhalation from 20 to 0.

If you lose count you just start again at 50!

Bring to mind something you’d like to accomplish that day and affirm mentally that you will. Don’t make it too hard, just something that needs to be done.

Finish with a sense of gratitude for all you have in life, especially your loved ones.

Happy Holidays



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