Slow Flow class with Noeline every Thursday at 5.30pm

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Join me on Thursday Evenings for Slow Flow yoga.

Prepare for the weekend and restore from your week.

Slow Flow Yoga, can offer traditional roots going back to Viniyoga (Desikachar, founder). This style usually provides poses that range from gentle to challenging, but done with stable, self-centering energy. The pace of these classes is understandably slower and emphasis is placed on safe alignment and the maintenance and balance of the slow breath.

This style can vary tremendously in its speed, with some classes preferring long, silent periods of reflection and static holding during each pose (yin), and others opting for a more fluid experience (with possible frequent bursts of energetic sequencing to raise energy).

The toned-down speed of these classes does not, however, mean that the poses are any less beneficial for building strength, stability, and postural integrity than other styles. This slower pace is definitely more conducive to the meditative practices of mindfulness of action and awareness of breathing. This makes it particularly well-suited to newer students, or for those who desire deep concentration within their practice, most conducive to Slowing Down.

All are welcome.


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