Surya Namaskar

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I thought I would share a little of our class from this morning (Tuesday 9.15am)

Surya namaskar, literally ‘sun salutations”, is a powerful series of 12 positions, which consist of yoga asana (position), pranayama (breathing exercise), and dhyana (meditation). A practitioner receives the health benefits of all three areas in one practice. Surya namaskar is excellent for stretching the muscles, increasing the mobility of the joints, and boosting the circulation of blood and prana throughout the body. Yoga can be experienced totally within a short period of time with regular practice of surya namaskar.

O, radiant Sun rising in the sky, please destroy the disease in my heart as well as diseases of my external body. Let inner and outer diseases of my body be destroyed by brilliantly shining Sun.

– The Rig Veda

The benefits of regularly practising surya namaskar include;

Increasing blood circulation to the internal organs

Massaging the abdominal organs

Stretching the spinal columns

Toning the muscles and lubricating the joints

Detoxifying the body

Improving breath capacity

reducing excess fat

Balancing the mind and emotions

Improving strength and endurance in the body and mind.

Practice Notes:

Early morning or evening is recommended

Practice in an open and airy place

Start with 2-3 rounds, and slowly increase

Always breathe through the nose

When breathing, breathe slowly, consciously and deeply

Do not strain in any way

Flow from one position to the next.

Please speak to one of our teachers to learn more.





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