Shirley Lloyds

Shirley Lloyds

India was my home for the first sixteen years of my life, and a country which my family has been associated with for many generations. So it was natural that I developed a keen interest and love for anything connected with the sub-continent. This, eventually, led me in to pursue the path of Raja Yoga, studying with a number of revered and well known Gurus and Teachers. Amongst these were Dr.Girin Mukherji, Ma Yogashakti Saraswati, Swami Yogeshwarananda, Swami Chinmayananda, Shri Vijayadev Yogendra and Verna Gilbert (IYTA).

I completed my IYTA Diploma Course in 1989. This was followed by their Refresher Course in 1996. I have been studying and teaching Yoga for 45 years in Fiji, Bangladesh, India, Hong Kong and Australia and have also taught on P&O Cruise ships, have organised several Seminars and a tours of South India and Rajasthan.

My personal journey over the years has brought me the greatest joy and satisfaction, allowing me to share the many benefits of Yoga with a great number of students from all walks of life and from many parts of the world.

Devra King

Devra King

Indian culture has faithfully preserved the wisdom of the world’s ancient sages in the form of Yoga -wisdom that has been handed down for 5000 years.It made perfect sense then, that my 30 years of travelling throughout India and my passion for this enigmatic land that gave birth to Yoga, should culminate in my dedication to this gentle and sensitive discipline.

Whilst living in Europe I would regularly visit Port Douglas, complimenting my own Yoga practice with the inspiring nature of Shirley Lloyds’ classes in the tropics. This led to 19 wonderful years of Yoga practice in Australia, Europe and India and encouragement by Shirley to study for 12 months and qualify with the International Yoga Teachers Association’s (IYTA).

I have found that the pleasure and contentment I derive as a teacher involves sharing with others of all abilities and circumstances, the health, harmony, balance and joy that we can gain from practicing Yoga together in a friendly and safe environment.

Tricia Middel

Tricia Middel

Having left the UK to live in Australia in 1991, curiosity led me to join a hatha yoga class run by Shirley Lloyds. It was whilst in that class and over the ensuing 8 years that I discovered some of the joys and truly life changing benefits that a committed yoga practice can bring.

When Shirley invited me to embark upon the I.Y.T.A. Teachers’ Training Course in 2000, I embraced the challenge of learning.

Now as I continue to teach weekly evening classes, my hope is to pass on to others some of the inner calmness and the increased awareness of our own state of being that I have enjoyed through my own practice. It is such a joy to see others develop and grow.

As a bookkeeper by trade (in my “real” job), I find yoga a wonderful source of dynamic energy, quiet strength and peace of mind. It’s what gives us the balance we all need.

Lesley Johnston

Lesley Johnston

Over 25 years ago my yoga teacher, Shirley Lloyds, introduced me to yoga and I discovered a place of peace and perfection. This revelation began me on my yoga journey which continues today.

Qualifying in 2003 as a graduate of the Australian Yoga Teachers Network, I am now also a teaching member of Yoga Australia and International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) and have completed my Yoga for Health diploma. I still feel as though I have only started on my yoga journey, one which will last the duration of my life and am amazed at what more I can learn . I regularly attend Yoga Conferences arranged by Yoga Australia.

My classes are based on teachings from traditional Hatha Yoga and are a balanced mix of asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath control), relaxation and meditation. My aim is to make people feel better physically and mentally after class.

I love the remedial aspect of yoga which I attempt to include in my general classes with the primary emphasis on our breath, our conscious breath. Conscious breath is the key to our health. Our breath can connect us physically, mentally and spiritually bringing us to a place of peace.

mia pic

Mia Messinger

I have a passion for helping people to live a better quality of life through ease of movement.

My studies include Stretch Therapy, a Diploma of Fitness and Several Mentorships with leading international Biomechanics and Fitness Therapists.  However it is the complete integration of the bodies needs that Yoga embraces which attracted me to becoming a Qualified Yoga teacher.

Whilst dealing with chronic pain and injury I started to attend Alana’s classes and began healing through self-awareness of the in-balances and restrictions caused by years of repetitive actions.

“The journey of learning is an endless one as is the lifetime responsibility of being the best person we can to ourselves and others.”


Noeline Clarke

I first discovered yoga 10 years ago and totally fell in love with the practice knowing instantly that it would be a big part of my life and the medicine my ailing body needed.  I found that the more mindful I was becoming through the breathing techniques and deep stretching, the quicker my body was healing, I couldn’t believe it!

I therefore practiced every day, the best I could, and while traveling through many countries and trying many different styles, I found that a combination of several classic and modern styles inspired me to create my own Vinyasa Flow practice.

Vinyasa Flow merges old traditions with the needs of the modern yoga practitioner. It is dynamic and links the movement with breath, which after a comprehensive warm-up, involves holding poses for shorter counts which in our modern world works so well due to high stresses. More heat is also created in the body and gradually prepares you safely for stronger more challenging poses, with the practice ending in a long, restorative relaxation.

I love teaching as I care so much for the practice, the human body and how being aware and in tune to what your body and mind is asking for results in a lighter way of living. I aim to guide students to feel more aligned and in tune with themselves, to live a happier and freer life…through movement (asanas), breath (pranayama) and meditation.