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Sometimes it’s encouraging to read what regular attendees to our classes have to say;

My yoga practice is all about being practical towards your body just as you service your car. The results I obtain are : no longer needing a chiropractor, giving your mind a holiday & an internal massage!

I always wanted to try Yoga for many different reasons, having never been to a class before I joined Vinyasa flow class on a Saturday morning. As a beginner, I felt completely welcome and at ease with the flow of the classes. Our teacher takes great care in getting to know her students, their injuries, concerns and personal commitments making everyone feel like they belong to Yoga.
I feel calm through the guidance of the voice and can do attitude makes your progression through each class an easy transition. The difference I feel in my body and mind when I continue to practice this beautiful Yoga is amazing. Debbie

I have really enjoyed getting back into yoga at Port Douglas Yoga. The classes are one and a half hours, giving enough time for warm-up and warm down, as well as a good hour for actual yoga in between. I particularly enjoy the Vinyasa classes and also the contrast of Yin. Yoga is once again now a part of my life and I look forward to classes each week.

My favourite yoga studio in North Queensland, where every teacher in every class makes a very special effort to make their practise for us, the best that they can.
Thank you Port Douglas Yoga.

It has taken so long for me to realise how good Yoga is for me and my life. Years of playing AFL and working outdoors has taken its toll on my body, with many areas of tightness and aches, along with frustration and stress. These last 6 months of getting into a regular Yoga practice has shown me how to really relax, stay focused, ease back and hamstring pain. I try to get to Vinyasa, stretch therapy and Yin and love how different yet complimenting they are. To be honest more men need this in their lives its just about getting up and doing it!

At 28 years of age, a friend introduced me to yoga, when my marriage had broken down. My experience has been, that it is important to have a teacher you feel good about and come away from class happy. I also found that I can relax much easier, am calmer, but my real aim is to stay flexible all my live.
Maria 66 years

What Yoga means to me;
I find that when I am away from home and can not do Yoga, my body seems to seize up!!
Doing Yoga increases my muscle strength and tone.
Therefore making my body more flexible.
After a session my respiration, energy and vitality are greatly improved. I also feel a lot more relaxed .
Yoga teachers encourage people to only do what their body allows, making it safe and not hard to do.
I would encourage all ages and gender to attend a Yoga session, as apart from all the health benefits,
Making new friends is a lovely bonus.

Our teacher leads us in the perfect practice for me which encourages gentle stretching and twisting to exercise and massage those areas so often neglected in daily routine. This is in combination with conscious breathing to allow full use of our lungs for better circulation, better mental activity and better posture. Yoga class allows me to forget all my chores, all the world’s troubles and everything external just for an hour or so, which puts me in a better place mentally and physically to deal with it all later. If yoga was an essential part of everyone’s day, I think the world would be a better place.

I have come to rely upon the peace of mind and calm achieved through yoga.

Meditation has brought me a long-lasting sense of stillness, strength and focus.

The difference yoga has made to my flexibility, sleep and comfort levels is amazing.


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