Yoga Studio event 25 Nov – a blissful 2 hour session

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Dear Yogis

We are delighted to offer the chance to experience  a sound meditation using Tibetan bowls and didgeridoo at our beautiful studio in the Saltwater Building.

Join us for a 2 hour session from 10am on Sunday 25 Nov to be taken through a mediative sound session with Jess and William.

 Tibetan singing bowls immerse you in a cocoon of sound, assisting your meditation, chakra balancing or stress therapy.

 The Didgeridoo and the singing bowls are some of the oldest healing instruments around. Together the grounding harmonics float into the blissful frequencies of the bowls.

 Meditations consist of over 12 bowls from Nepal, Didgeridoo and koshi chimes.  This combination leaves you grounded, restored and peaceful.

 Many feel the effects of these sound sessions for several days after the experience. Sessions includes a 10-15 minute guided calm down and body scan, the bowls and the Didgeridoo do the rest.

Therapeutic sound affects our bodies on a cellular and sub-cellular level. There is not an organ system in our body that is not affected by sound, music, and vibration.

We believe everyone innately is drawn to the bowls as if their sound taps into the part of or brain that reminds us that we can feel safe and loved. Peace and bliss, those words come to mind. Blissful. That is how they make me feel. 

Please call or text me to reserve your mat for $40


 Lesley 0455 035 185


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